Who Will Look after Your Cat While You’re Away?


Cats can be wonderful companions for many people. Like dogs, cats have a long history of association with humans, and they were even considered part of the royal family by the ancient Egyptians. Even though cats are more independent than dogs, they become attached to their owners and need care and affection, so what happens to them while we are away from home on holiday or for work purposes is important to consider.

No Need to Feel Guilty

Cats provide many people with the love, warmth, and gentle affection that they crave, but sometimes cat owners need to go away on business or on holiday. What happens then when family, friends, or neighbours can’t look after your cat?

The good news is that a cheap cattery in Radstock has your back. The advantage of placing your beloved feline into a local cattery are as follows:

  • Looked after: First and foremost, having your cat looked after by cat people is ideal. Not everyone understands cats the way that cat people do, and placing your feline into a cattery is a great way to ensure that they are well looked after by people who understand cats and cat behaviour.
  • Nice surroundings: Cats have particular needs, and just as there are boarding kennels for dogs, catteries also provide the things that cats need, including scratching posts, beds, and litter trays.

Only the Best for Your Furry Feline

If you need to go away for a while, placing your cat into a local cattery means that you don’t have to carry the burden of guilt any longer. They will be cared for by people who understand cats and they will even have other cats to socialise with daily.

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