What Are The Benefits Of A Dog Boarding Kennel?


Pet owners are aware that their pets, be it a cat or a dog, are a part of the family, and make sure that they are looked after like a family member, with all the love and attention given, besides the care. There is a slight problem when the family intends going for a vacation and does not know how to make sure that their dog is looked after and cared for. Tagging them along is one option, but most often, this is not a preferred one, as dogs tend to feel uncomfortable and scared when travelling. It has been noticed that during the absence of the owner, dogs feel sick and unwell. In this regards you need to hire some professional dog minders and trainers who can take care of your dog and you can rely on some reputed dog boarding kennels also. They are trained in this field and they can maintain your dog’s diet chart along with the necessary medication.

Looking for the Right Kennel

Your dog is one of your family members and you need to find a secure place for them. In this regards, you need to check the kennel atmosphere and they must be specialized for keeping dogs only, and if you find their place with other pets such as cat and rabbit then you must avoid these kennels and choose the perfect ones which are only made for dogs. Apart from this, you must also check

  • Cleanliness of the kennel and whether they have caring and knowledgeable staff
  • Enough of light and ventilation and temperatures being maintained to a comfortable level
  • Scheduled exercise for all dogs on an individual basis and required vaccinations before the boarding of the dog
  • Beddings and resting pads being provided and allowing the owner to bring special food for their dog
  • Training, bathing and grooming looked after and availability of a vet

The Multiple Advantages of Dog Boarding Kennels

The dogs are in the company of human beings in boarding kennels, which makes them less lonely. With the games and attention provided in the boarding kennels, your dog will remain happy. With the right environment, the dogs settle quicker and suffer less from anxiety issues. Socializing is to the maximum, which can keep your dog busy with the other friends made here. As the people handling these kennels are professionals, you can be relaxed in terms of their medication as they are well versed on how to administer all types of medications to the dog.

Preparing your pet for Boarding

You need to make sure your dog is social and does not get aggressive with other people around. This might be problematic when you intend dropping them off in a boarding kennel. Your pet should follow basic commands as this is helpful to the authorities in a boarding kennel.

  • Make sure that all the required vaccinations are administered before you leave your pet. You can get your dog accustomed to staying in a boarding kennel by leaving him/her for short periods initially. This can help increase the comfort levels when you decide to leave them for a longer period.
  • You need to have the required medications and any special food the dog needs before handing him/her to the kennel. You also need to share your vet’s number and contact information before you head for your vacation.  Avoid parting which are long and emotional, as this can get tough, not only for the dog but also the owner.

So now you can go out for a vacation and keep your dog in a boarding kennel safe and secure. It is suggested to keep the kennel’s number with you and always inquire about the dog’s health on a daily basis from your vacation spot

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