It becomes a big question whether to keep your pet behind or take it with you while traveling. It depends on your pet’s temperament and physical health whether it is suited for traveling or not. Moreover, you should look for the options with you whether you are going to take your pet with you or going to leave it with a pet sitter at your home or leave him in a pet kennel. Moreover, some pets cannot handle travel due to illness, injury, age or temperament and if it is so, then you should look for boarding facilities in your area or look for a reliable pet sitter.

When you need or want to travel and if you own a pet then the first thing you will consider is that your pet must be as less stressful as possible because if you are going to travel without your pet, then it is going to miss you. The best place for your pet in your absence is stay in its own home. In this case, you must hire a professional and an experienced pet sitter who would come at your place and take care of your pet. This way the routine of your pet also won’t be disturbed and your pet will be at the best ease of comfort in its own home. Also, it may happen that if your pet is not familiar in socializing with other pets then keeping it home is the best option. Moreover, senior pets who have got aged and are not active, prefer the comforts of their own home. Normally, pets prefer sleeping in their own bed or in their favorite spots like chair or sofa or your bed; in this case, it is best to keep them home with a good pet sitter.

There are some pets who hate changes in their routines like a change in the environment or their daily routine may stress them more, especially cats. If your pet is comfortable in socializing with other pets, then you also can look for a pet kennel nearby your area and keep your pet till the time you return. There are many good pet kennels who take a good care of the pets just like their own. The pet care-takers are basically deep animal lovers and they love each pet boarded in their kennels and take a very good care of each of them.

  1. Now, if you really consider taking your pet on travel with you, then you need to consider an ideally moderate climate to travel.
  2. Moreover, in the first priority, you need to consult your veterinarian and make sure that your pet is properly vaccinated and also you need to get a certificate for the same.
  3. In addition to this, you must keep the contact numbers of veterinarians available in the nearby area of your traveling, the emergency contact numbers of pet kennels and pet hospitals.
  4. You must also need to take a certificate from your veterinarian, issued up to 10 days if you are traveling by a flight confirming that your pet is in good health to travel.
  5. In addition to this, you must carry a documentation of the vaccination details and health certificate of your pet which will be needed by the flight authorities.
  6. Normally, the flight authorities do not allow your pet on sedation during their flight travel duration and your pet has to remain in the container the whole time during the flight.
  1. If you are determined to take your pet with you on travel, you must also ensure that the hotel or motel you board in must allow pets or if you are visiting at your friend’s or relatives’ place then ensure that your host welcome your pet and it should not feel like an unwelcomed guest.
  1. In addition to this, you must also ensure that the place you are visiting is hygienic for your pet’s health and it should feel comfortable


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