Top 5 Tips and Benefits of Selecting the Right Doggy Day Care


Pets are also like humans in some ways, as they require companionship and friends to play with. Just like we have day care centers for elderly adults, children; nowadays we can also see a lot of doggy day care centers that offers a lot of facilities for the dogs. Pet day proves to be an economic choice depending on the type of the pet service provider; but when the benefits of day-care facilities for pets are measured, every dollar spent on them is worth it as it brings in health, happiness and welfare of pets.

Benefits that are offered at the doggy day care:

The doggy day care is an entertaining and healthy option for the dogs as it benefits them in various ways:

  • It allows the dogs to socialize and it prevents them from exhibiting psychological conditions such as excessive barking, untimely jumping, and abnormal aggression, among others.
  • The staffs at the day care center provide them with suitable toys, set timetables for playtime, and allow them to play with the other dogs.
  • Like humans, dogs also require regular exercises to keep themselves fit both physically and mentally. At the doggy day care, they receive specific exercises that help them remain in the right shape. As the exercises required for one person may differ from the other; in the same way, the exercise required for a single breed may differ from the other. For example, Chihuahua, Chinese Crested, Shih Tzu and Pomeranian require fewer amounts of exercises while breeds like Labrador, Border collie, Australian Shepherd, Retrievers, Dalmatian, and Hounds require more exercises to stay in proper shape and form.
  • It helps in stimulating and motivating their mental state.
  • It keeps the dog healthy, happy, and stronger and more active which is not the case if it is left in the home alone.

Along with these benefits, the dog owner at the end of the day can get a better behaving and a calmer dog.  After a tiring day like a human wants to relax, the same thing goes for the dogs as well as they also prefer to relax after a day filled with lots of activities.

Tips for selecting the right doggy day care:

The increasing popularity of the doggy day care centers has resulted in large number of establishments springing up almost everywhere. Like when sending your baby to the day care center you opt for the best one without compromising on your baby’s life and safety, in the same way when choosing a doggy day care center, ensure that the best day care center has been chosen. Listed below are some of the tips that can help in selecting the right doggy day care

  • Check if the center offers screening process before taking admission of the dog.
  • Find out if the center provides appropriate supervision and staff on the floor at all times and the pet is not left unattended.
  • Check how well the staffs and the employees of the center are trained in handing the dogs.
  • Find out if there are dual gates to the outside entrances to prevent the pets from going out and ensure that the play areas are free from the electric cords and have non-skid surfaces to prevent the dogs from getting injured.
  • Find out for how many dogs one staff is allotted as according to the Pet Care Services Association for 15 dogs, one staffer is recommended.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that get you dog enrolled in a day care center to increase its happiness and safety and to reduce your feelings of guilt.


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