Top 5 Most Popular Cat Breeds


What is Your Favorite Cat Breed?

There is estimated around 76.4 million domestic cats living in the United States according to the Maps of the World website, dated 2006. Those figures are more likely up since the last census. The U.S. is the number one cat lover country, followed by China, Russia, Brazil, France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

There are around 40 recognized breeds of cats. The top five most popular cat pedigree breeds are listed below according to the World Cat Fanciers Association.

#5. Abyssinian Cats

Facts on Abyssinian Cats

These beautiful cats have unique brown shades of “ticking” colorization to their coat. A shorthaired medium length silky coat with large pointed ears and broad wedge shaped head. Slender long legs with small oval paws. The different shades of their coat can be seen in red, cinnamon, blue fawn and ruddy. Abyssinians are medium size cats who are very active, intelligent and love attention.

Abyssinian Cats

#4. Siamese Cats

Facts on Siamese Cats

The Siamese came from Thailand, which was formerly known as Siam. Today there are two different types of Siamese. A Minority of breeders have stayed with the “Traditional Thailand” Siamese cat. The “Modern” Siamese have a longer, triangular, fine boned and narrow head with selective breeding. They have long, slender bodies and legs with thin tails that taper to a point. Medium to large eyes and their coloring is basically two tons of color with dark brown to black features in the face, tail and sometimes legs. The rest of the body is a light tan or off white.

Siamese are social, affectionate and active cats. My Siamese cat loved to play fetch. He reminded me of a dog and cat mix.

Siamese Cats

#3. Maine Coon Cats

Facts on Maine Coon

The Main Coon is one of the oldest breeds in the United States. These cats are large breed cats. Males weigh between 15 to 25 lbs. and the females between 10 to 15 lbs.

These cats are known for their excellent hunting skills.

They have thick fur and longhair with bushy tails and their fur tapers off with shorter hair towards the neck and face. Compared to other long-haired breeds, Maine Coons need minimal grooming.

Maine Coon Cats

#2. Exotic Shorthaired Cats

 Exotic Shorthair:

 Exotic Shorthair is Breeders crossed the Print  American Shorthair 9 Poster

Facts on the Exotic Shorthair

The shorthaired version of the Persian cat and some people call them the “lazy person’s Persian.” Their temperament and health issues are similar to the Persian but with short hair that is easier to manage.

The Exotic Shorthair has a short thick neck and rounded compact yet powerful body. Broad round muzzle and nose with small lips and ears, the eyes are large and round with deep color. These cute cats have a medium size body that is low to the ground and a short tail. The shorthair is a bit longer than the other shorthaired breeds.

Exotic Shorthaired Cats

#1. Persian Cat

Facts on the Persian Cat

This longhaired cat is sometimes referred to as the Longhaired Persian. They come in a variety of coat colors. A pushed in or flat round face with large round eyes. A fur coat that requires grooming, their beauty is well worth it.

Though the Persian is increasingly more popular in the United States, there has been a decline in France and Great Britain.

Persian Cat

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