Are you one of those new cat owners who do not know what all needs to be done to make sure that their feline companion gets comfortable? Here are some general tips that will empower you to understand your new friend better and take proper care of it.

Get your routine and body checked up first

Before you get your feline friend at home, there are certain things that you would have to check beforehand. Are you in a state to give enough time to your new pet? As the pet would be coming into a new surrounding, it would take good three to four weeks to get accustomed and familiar with you and your house. All this while, you would be required to give in time, as much as possible, so that the bonding between the pet and the owner gets developed properly.

Many people have allergies of various kinds, so you need to check for any allergies that you might have. The hair from cat’s body serves as a source of allergy for many people and you would need to be sure that you are not one of those.

Get some good and useful accesories

Get your cat a good cat litter box so that it gets its own privacy to excrete. You may want to try the automatic cat litter box as that will do the cleaning of litter all by itself and both you and your cat will be relieved off the poo that your pet would leave behind.

Even if you cannot afford or manage an automatic cat litter box, still a litter box is a must which needs to be kept clean. Cats have a natural tendency to cover up their potty after they are done and for that they would tend to do the act of excretion outside your house, which again is not advised. It is hence very much required that you get your cat a litter box.

Being the playful animal that cats are, it is also a requirement that you arrange for some good toys for the cat to play with, when you are not around. Toy mice, scratch posts, soft toys, or even empty shoe boxes can also serve as good items to keep your cat occupied and happy. Among all the other toys, a scratching post is a must as cats have a natural habit of clawing things and if you do not dedicate a clawing surface to your pet, it will try its mastery on either the curtains or your designer bag or your nicely polished wooden shelves. You would certainly not want these valuable and dear items of yours to be shredded into pieces by your lovely pet.

Apart from these points, general discipline has to be built when the pet comes home. Bathing, brushing are some things that you should teach early and get into its daily routine as otherwise it will be hard for you to make your feline friend follow the instructions.


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