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Getting To Grips With Using Dog Nail Clippers At Home

To clip at home or at the vets? That is the question.

Clipping your dog’s nails at home can seem like a scary prospect, but it could open the door to a happier, more relaxed home. A simple act like grooming your dog yourself can help to strengthen the bond between dog and owner.

Taking your dog to a vet or to a dog groomer to have their nails clipped can often make your furry friend scared or nervous. Is there much point in putting your dog through unnecessary stress when you can clip your dog’s nails at home?

Professional dog nail clippers are available to purchase online and they offer owners a simple way to handle their dog’s nail clipping needs. Nervous owners may not feel comfortable just buying clippers and trying it themselves, however.

The good thing for those lacking in confidence is that there are plenty of informative articles around the internet that explain exactly how to safely clip your dog’s nails. Believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way to clip your dog’s nails and there are plenty of useful tips and tricks.

One particular subject of fear for many owners when they’re trimming their dog’s nails is the nail quick. The quick is the area of the nail that contains the nerves and blood vessels, so the thought of damaging it can be frightening. If you are looking to clip your dog’s nails then it’s best to trim small amounts rather than clip large parts of the nail at once.

dog nail clippers

For white or light coloured nails, the quick is a pinkish outline that you should be able to see just by looking. If not, take a torch and light the nail from behind, this should make the quick clearly visible.

For black or dark coloured nails, you won’t be able to see them just by looking. Clip tiny amounts of the nail at first. If you see a white circle on the clippings then stop as you’re close to the nail quick.

Although this advice may seem obvious, it’s always best to read it and remember it! If you do catch the quick then your dog’s nail will probably bleed and they will be in pain. Using silver nitrate will stop the bleeding and begin the healing process on the nail.

Before you take dog nail clippers anywhere near your dog, you should speak to your vet or dog groomer about the correct length of the nails that your breed of dog should have.

An important thing that you should consider when trimming is the sharpness of the blade on your dog nail clippers. If it’s blunt then it might not make a clean cut and this could cause you problems!

A quality clipper is what you need to look for online. Searching something like ‘best dog nail clippers’ will bring up the most popular products with a high amount of customer reviews.

Wagglies’ dog nail clippers are known for their quality. While some owners suffer from blunt blades on their clippers, customers of Wagglies don’t have that problem. The clippers have a unique raised tip which makes it much easier for owners to use, therefore relaxing your dog. When you’re relaxed, your dog will feel relaxed too.

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