Fun and Unforgettable Trip With Your Pet


If you found this article, then I’m assuming you’re planning to travel with your pets! I’m sure you read several articles already, but here are some more tips to make sure you have a fun and unforgettable trip with your pet.

Feed your dog few hours before you leave to make sure he won’t get stomach upset, and wait a couple of hours after you arrive at your destination before feeding him again.

Our dogs like to have familiar things around them so be sure to bring them their favorite Quality Dog Treats, foods and toys to remind them of home. Pack a separate bag only for your dog’s stuffs.

Always make sure that your dog is hydrated. Walk your dog before you leave and take frequent stops for bathroom stops along the way, ideally every three or four hours.

Book and make reservations in advance to make sure you and your dog have a place to stay. Also call ahead of time to confirm that the place you’re staying is pet-friendly. Be sure you agree to their pet policies before confirming your reservation with them.

Harness your dog with a pet seat belt, or better yet put them in a 4Pets ProLine Dog Crates, it is the world’s safest crate, crash tested by TUV-SUD, the world leader in testing and product certification. Cesar Millan recommends this to pet owners too!

Be sure that your dog has an ID tag attached to his collar or leash. Better yet, have them micro-chipped so any dog pound or vet can easily scan and identify you as the owner. Just make sure you keep your information up-to-date.

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