Allergies: How They Affect Your Favorite Pet Dog


It is important to note that allergies cause several problems in dogs. When you find that your dog is suffering from allergies, do not waste your time. When you find that your pet has the allergic condition, it is better to consult a veterinarian as soon as possible. You often start to feed your dogs with harmful commercial anti-allergic drugs and antibiotics. But they are not always fruitful. They cause a lot of side effects inside the body of the animal. The commercial available medicines are not always effective for the pets. It is better to use organic items to control the allergies on the skin of the pet.

What Are The Reasons For Dog Skin Allergies?

Few things are stressful to watch, as seeing your pets itching and scratching the body parts for allergies. Sometimes, the pet owners feel helpless when they cannot control the remedies. Let us see the whole allergic process skin brief.

  • Your dog is exposed to some objects in the environment that triggers a response in his immune system. The objects can be either something that your pet has eaten, rubbed up against the skin or sniffed before.
  • The immune system now sends histamines in the bloodstream to work against the pathogens
  • The histamines have the side effects to cause irritation on the skin of the pets. It results to an itchy feeling. This causes the dog to find remedies by himself by scratching and itching on the skin
  • Scratching only triggers the skin irritation and increase the skin inflammation as well. Continuous scratching of the skin results in severe skin diseases as well.

Signs of Allergies of Dogs

Not only scratching is the indication of the dog skin allergies. But you find that your dog is continuously scratching his skin and paws, he is suffering from acute allergic diseases. When the itching is accompanied with skin trauma, then your pet has allergies. Some of the common signs of allergies are persistent scratching, hot spots, redness, inflammations, inflamed ears, hair loss and excessive oil on the skin. If your pet suffers from any one of these problems, then immediately take your pet to the veterinary doctor for check up.

How to Treat Your Dogs Having Allergies

Though the treatments of the dog vary, but the basic formula is same for all types of allergies. When your dog is suffering from skin allergies, immediately consult a veterinarian to find out the exact cause of the allergy. It may include using skin scrapings to help to deal with the skin allergies. When the cause of the allergies is identified, you have to remove the source of the allergen or limit the exposure of the allergens toward the pet. You can use an organic shampoo to clean the parts that are affected by the allergies. Medicated shampoos work like magic. You can also use topical medications as per given by the doctors. Always follow the recommendations of the veterinary doctor to control the allergies of the skin.

Reputed pet shops offer various remedies of skin allergies for dogs. Always try to use organic treatments rather than using chemical supplements. Allergies are caused by various means; like include fruits, environmental factors, parasites and foods. Keep allergens away from your pet to keep them healthy.


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